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Why I HATE Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

I’ve hated Valentine’s Day my entire life.

Now I know your next thought… “She was probably scorned by some guy at one point”. The truth is: nope. I have truly hated Valentine’s Day my ENTIRE life.

Growing up, my mom was my best friend (and still is!) and for as long as I can remember she instilled in me that Valentine’s Day was stupid. In her eyes, it was a made-up holiday that obligated men to buy gifts for their wife, girlfriend, significant other. There shouldn’t be one day that you shower your loved one with gifts and affection, you should be doing that every day.

Throughout my life, this stuck with me. I participated in your typical school V-day events, gifting everyone heart shaped little cards with candy attached. But I never truly enjoyed it.

Fast forward a few years, I meet Peter (my fiance) and of course with him, Valentine’s Day was no different. I remember it was a couple weeks before Valentine’s Day and we had just been dating a few months. He asked, “So what do you want to do for Valentine’s Day?”. At the time, we were still dating long distance. I replied, “Absolutely nothing. I hate Valentine’s Day, please do not get me anything.” So of course he had to decipher girl logic and figure out if that meant I really did want something.

The week before Valentine’s Day that year, I was in Baltimore visiting Peter for the weekend when he told me that he had gotten me a gift. “Think of it as an Anti-Valentine’s Day Gift”, he said. He had gotten me a beautiful bracelet with my birthstone in the center, it was gorgeous. But I then of course yelled at him for getting me “A Valentine’s Day” gift; to which he laughed and said, “I wasn’t sure if this was reverse Girl Logic so I got you a gift anyway but decided to give it to you pre-Valentine’s Day!”. Since then, Peter has learned I’m serious when I say I don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day.

Since that Valentine’s Day, back in 2014, Peter and I have come up with our own little V-Day tradition. We spend our days just like any other, but we cook a good dinner together. Whether it’s a new recipe we’ve wanted to try out or a classic favorite, we spend the quality time together cooking and then cuddling up with a movie.

We like to shower each other with surprises and love random days throughout the year, not on one obligated day. And since that day we have continued to do that. Surprising each other on random Tuesdays with something the other may have wanted for awhile or cooking a nice dinner or something as simple as taking the trash out. I have always felt the small little gestures are what mean the most rather than the over-the-top expected ones.

So whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoy your February 14th and have someone to love in this world!

xoxo Colleen

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