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What I Learned From My Mom

Mother’s Day is only 3 days away and I thought what better way to gear up for it than to share the best things I’ve learned from my mom! Growing up my mom has always been my best friend. We had some tiffs here and there (I was not the most pleasant teenager!) but through it all she’s always been my number one gal. To this day Peter still calls me a “Mama’s Girl”.

My mom is my shopping buddy, my fellow wino and one of the best teachers I’ve had through this crazy thing we call life. She’s taught me so many lessons in my twenty-some years and I’m here to share my favorites.

Make Your Own Money and Own Success. From a young age my mom ALWAYS stressed this to me. I’ve heard her tell me about a million times how important it was to be my own individual. She taught me not to rely on others and to build up my own success. Countless times she would tell me: “Make your own money so that you can buy your own car, your own house and whatever else you want. Don’t rely on a man or anyone else to give it to you”. That stuck with me so much throughout life and is probably why I am so career-centered.

Don’t Show Up Empty Handed.

My mom, raised in the South, was always taught to never go over someone’s house empty handed. Whether that’s for a dinner party, housewarming, meeting someone’s parents/family, etc. And let me tell you that it has been INGRAINED in my brain. I have always felt like I need to bring something when I go to anyone’s house for the first time; cookies, wine or just a card. When I first started dating Peter he thought I was insane. Every time I was going to see his parents I felt like I needed to bake or buy something and I did for awhile. Until he finally told me that I could stop. While not a major life lesson, it’s something that has always stuck with me from my mom. I think it just goes along with general manners and social etiquette but it’s the major tip I’ve always followed.

Pizza and Wine Are the Best Combination. Every time I would come home from college for the weekend, my mom would pick me up from the train station and we would make two stops before heading home. The wine store and the pizza shop. To this day when I come to visit Friday nights consist of pizza and red wine. It’s a little tradition that has always been my favorite thing and will always remind me of home and of my mom. It could be the worst red wine in the world and the most burnt pizza, but I will still find comfort in it.

Be Kind.

While it may seem like such a simple lesson that you learn in Kindergarten it is a lesson that my mom continues to teach me into my adult life. There are a lot of mean people and negativity in this world; kindness never hurts. My mom is the type of person that if someone gives her the middle finger in traffic, she blows them a kiss. She tries her best to see the good in every situation and make the best of it. I admire her so much for her patience and positivity.

My mom is one of the greatest women in my life and will always be my best friend. I hope to always carry her lessons with me and I hope to be half the woman she is as I grow older.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you!

xoxo Colleen

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