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Alright ladies, I know you've been there. You have a big meeting, conference or presentation and you have no clue what to wear. You want to be professional and presentable but still be yourself! But low and behold all of your business clothes consist of black skirts and white button downs!

Finding women's business-wear can be hard. Day-to-day my office is pretty casual, as most places are nowadays too. But when there's an important meeting or a big conference, I like to dress to impress! But lately I felt like everything I wore that was considered"business-wear", wasn't portraying my true style. I felt uncomfortable, which is exactly the opposite of how I wanted to feel in that situation! I wanted to feel confident and stylish while keeping my professional demeanor.

Since then I had taken a look at my wardrobe, scoured Pinterest and honestly, just surveyed other women at these events that I thought looked "cool". I'm so excited to share what I've learned so that maybe it can help you out in your next business professional situation!

Throw a blazer on it!

Similar Dress | Similar Bag | Heels

One of my favorite ways to make my outfit instantly professional is to just throw on a blazer. I usually gravitate towards more "fun" blazers in unique colors or with interesting accents. I then love to just toss it overtop of a shift dress; it's perfect! This dress was actually my bridal shower dress and now I'm getting more wear out of it with this spring business look.

Some fun blazers I love

One | Two | Three

Keep it Simple.

Sweater | Skirt | Flats

Black and white, sweater and skirt. I think a lot of times when we think of business-wear we try to complicate it. But it can truly be as simple as pairing a solid sweater with a solid or printed skirt. I love this white wool skirt with my solid black sweater and black flats. It feels so professional but still so fresh and true to myself.

Pops of Color.

Similar Necklace | Loafers

There's nothing I love more than shaking up a traditional color palette with small pops of color! Not only are these loafers beyond comfortable, they're so cute! I pair them with a similar tone necklace and it instantly elevates this navy and white outfit. This is a go-to for long conferences or events because it's professional but also so so comfortable! No need to hassle with heel pain.

Casual Tops & Business Bottoms.

Similar Top | Bottoms

This doesn't apply to every case but a lot of times business-wear doesn't always require a button down or a silk blouse. I love pairing a pair of dress pants with a more casual, fun cotton top like this peplum one! It's a little more unique while still keeping it professional.

More tops that I love

One | Two | Three

What are some of your favorite business outfit go-to's? Use any of these tips? Tag me on Instagram!

xoxo Colleen

All photography courtesy of Jenna Davis Photography

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