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Recently, I’ve been doing A LOT of traveling and I have A LOT MORE coming up soon! Not about it. I love to travel! Exploring new places with new food and adventures is one of my favorites things. But in order to get to these cool and fun places, you probably have to endure a plane ride or two. Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite outfits to travel in along with travel tips I’ve learned throughout the years!

Comfy Cute

This outfit is my go-to for those longer trips. The ones where you have to fly on multiple planes for hours and hours and it’s early AF in the morning. Keeping it comfy keeps your stress levels down and provides comfort for the ultimate plane-napping experience.

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Casual Cute

A love a good Graphic T and jeans combo! This is for more of your short flight trips. I’ll put on something like this when I’m flying for fun, like to my bachelorette party this Friday! ;) It allows you to still look cute and put together but not totally dressed up.

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The dreaded business trip. This outfit is for those trips where you have to immediately go from the terminal to the conference room. I like to layer it up because you never know what the temperature of the plane or conference is going to be like. Better safe than sorry!

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Travel Tips

  • Always pack a pair of socks! This especially reigns true if you’re wearing sandals on the plane. Having socks on hand always keeps me warm and adds an extra level of comfort. Trust me: it’s a game changer.

  • Gum: the obvious tip. But it’s one thing easily forgotten. Hence why it’s sold all over the airport! Pick up a pack to keep your ears happy.

  • Utilize your amount of bags. Some airlines (like Southwest) allow you to check two bags FOR FREE!! Something that’s sort of unheard of. Utilize any perks like that. No ability to check bags free? Take as many bags on the plane that you can. Personal bag, carry-on luggage, etc.

  • Keep your important items with you always. If you don’t want it lost, keep it in your carry-on. I’ve seen so many people have their luggage lost for good that had their wedding jewelry or laptop in it and they never get it back. I always make sure to have all my jewelry, electronics and anything important to me in my carry-on.

  • Get there early, even with Pre-Check. You can never truly predict airport traffic. It changes everyday and every season. So get there early and get yourself a pre-flight cocktail.

  • Don’t Stress. In the end, everything will work out!

Thanks for tagging along on my travel tips!

xoxo Colleen

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