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The Perfect Baby Shower Invitations & more!

Updated: Jan 24

Picture this, you're standing in the card aisle of Target trying to find the perfect invitation, thank you card, etc and you're stumped. All of the actually cute ones are outrageously expensive ($6 for a single card?!) and all of the decently priced ones are too cheesy or too plain. But you have no other choice right?!

Trust me I've been there between wedding invitations and thank you cards to holiday cards and friends' baby shower invitations I've hit a wall. That was until I found Basic Invite. They're an online invitation company that allows you to create truly custom cards for every occasion in your life. They have wedding invites, graduation cards, baby shower games and more!

I love Basic Invite for a few reasons. First off, they allow you to create custom samples of the ACTUAL card you want so that you can see it in person before you order like 100 of them. There are few sites that do this and it's so important to me to see the quality of the paper and exactly how the colors will print. Second, they offer like a million color options. They allow you to select almost unlimited color options so you can get exactly what you want unlike other online stationery companies. They also offer beautiful foil options which is great because you guys know how much I adore rose gold!

Lastly, Basic Invite can save you literally SO MUCH time with their address capturing service. What does that mean? So you design your card and you're ready to send it out but you realize you don't have like half the party recipients addresses. Instead of wasting your time trying to chase down your best friend's Aunt to get her address for your friend's baby shower, Basic Invite creates a link you can share on social media that allows your friends and family to submit their address. The addresses are then stored to your account so when you're finished designing your card Basic Invite can print all the recipient addresses (for free) without any stress.

Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51 and I can't recommend them enough! I'm sure, just like me, you have tons of weddings, showers and graduations coming up. Get ahead of the game and wow everyone with the perfect cards without the stress!

xoxo Colleen

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Basic Invite but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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