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The Little Things

Last week, my good friend Mary over at Easily Inspired shared all about “The Little Things” in life. In this big scary world, we often tend to focus solely on the negative. It’s like when something goes wrong, no matter how big or little, it “ruins your day”. We then forget all about “The Little Things” throughout our day. The little moments that bring us joy and excitement. I’m not saying I’m perfect, because I’m FAR from it! I often forget to reflect on all parts of my day, not just the bad. So in the spirit of being positive I’m sharing my favorite “Little Things”.

Hopefully this can inspire you to keep positive throughout your day and remind you of what your favorite “Little Things” are. Share them below!

The first warm day of spring.

When Starbucks gets your name right!

Biting into a REALLY good apple.

A perfectly organized bookshelf.

Good hair days.

That first sip of coffee on a Monday.

Freshly painted nails.

A big cozy sweater.

Realizing you have all of the ingredients to make sugar cookies.

The first snowfall.

Finding out what you already intended to buy is on sale.

Fresh cut tulips.

Your favorite song coming on the radio.

Dog cuddles.

Feeling accomplished.

Writing in a new notebook.

Wearing new clothes for the first time.

Snuggled in bed watching your favorite movie.

Only having to wear a light jacket.

Christmas Tree Smell.

When your plans all line up.

Hitting zero traffic on your way to work.

Watching the sunrise.

It’s the little things.

xoxo Colleen

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