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Summer Shopping at The Mall in Columbia

Growing up with every new season, we’d pile into the mini-van and head to the mall to go clothes shopping. Sweaters for fall, jackets for winter, skirts for spring and bathing suits for summer. Although I’m now much older, I still keep that tradition! Picking up the latest trends for the season but now more expanded into home decor and more.

Summer has just rounded the corner, so Peter and I made our way over to The Mall in Columbia to scout out and pick up some new trends for summer! It ended up being the perfect day for it. The sun was shining, there was a beautiful breeze blowing and we were ready to shop!

First, we popped into Williams-Sonoma because I love their pre-made cocktail mixes for summer! I picked up this peach one from the Trisha Yearwood collection and ohmygosh this is THE PERFECT summer cocktail! And the best part is that you just have to add your choice of liquor! I chose vodka and topped it with some fresh peaches and mint leaves. They also look perfect on the little marble tray we picked up there too. Perfect for delivering drinks from the bar to the pool.

Typically in the summer I hate wearing make up because it’ll melt off in 0.2 seconds and I love to stick to a tinted moisturizer for those days that I just want a little bit of coverage. I popped into Aveda just to look around and they have the perfect tinted moisturizer! It comes in a full-range of shades and after wearing it for a few days now I can say it’s totally sweat-proof.

At the current moment, the patio attached to our apartment is pretty pitiful looking. We have a table set and one over-sized chair. We honestly never sit out there and it makes me so sad because I love just chilling outside! It’s in need of a re-vamp so we headed over to Arhaus to gather some inspiration. I love Arhaus’ casual yet sophisticated vibe. Their outdoor furniture is classic but still functional.

I also loved all the little plants they had around and thought it might be a great addition to spruce up our space!

Now comes the fun part, summer clothing shopping! I decided to go into Anthropologie because they always seem to have nice, lightweight pieces that are perfect for summer. And boy they did NOT disappoint!

I loved these striped linen-style pants with the rope belt. I ended up wearing these to brunch the very next day, I couldn’t wait! You can dress them up like I did for brunch with a silk tank and heels. But you can also dress them down for lounging by the beach in a cotton t-shirt.

This baby-doll style dress was so light and perfect for any summer events like bridal showers or weddings.

I love a simple top like this one for work. It’s nice enough that you can wear it to the office but you don’t have to worry about overheating in the 90 degree heat.

Whenever I think about the beach or pool, one of my next thoughts is usually: What book am I going to read? I had been hearing so much about Where the Crawdads Sing and while I usually like to borrow books from the library, this one is a hard one to get! I luckily was able to find it at Barnes and Noble and can’t wait to read it with my toes in the sand later this month.

We ended the night with dinner at Maggiano’s! It was certainly busy for a Friday night but our waitress was the nicest and we had a wonderful dinner. I started with a yummy red sangria and we both chose pasta for dinner. What I love about Maggiano’s is that they offer Gluten Free pasta! I was able to get my favorite Baked Ziti without suffering any consequences.

The Mall in Columbia was the perfect place to grab everything I needed for this summer. From brunch outfits and lightweight make up to pool side reads and cocktails.

What are some of your favorite trends for this summer? Let me know in the comments or in my latest Instagram post!

xoxo Colleen

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Mall in Columbia but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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