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Our Crate and Barrel Registry Experience

A couple of weeks ago I shared my BHLDN wedding dress shopping experience and everyone seemed to love it! So in continuing with my wedding series, today I’m sharing my Crate and Barrel Wedding Registry Experience.

When you start to plan a wedding there are A LOTTTT of things that you need to do that you probably never even thought about. Or maybe you thought about it, but not too in depth. One of those things for me was The Wedding Registry.

I knew that most couples register for gifts at a place or two and that’s where most people would buy your wedding presents from. But I had no idea where to register, what to register for and how many things to put on our list. Every time I tried to research it, I would instantly become overwhelmed and close my laptop. That is until I learned about the Crate and Barrel Wedding Registry Experience (this is not sponsored I just truly loved their whole experience).

Apparently (which clearly I didn’t know), Crate and Barrel is one of the top places to register for gifts for your wedding. They offer everything from kitchenware, bath and bed linens, furniture and decor. When I went to learn more about how their wedding registries work, I found that they offered Wedding Registry Events. I, of course, signed Peter and I up to go.

The event we attend was a Sunday morning about 2 hours before they opened. It was a little early but they had coffee and breakfast snacks which was awesome! When you got there, they handed you a packet and you checked in. They explained that everyone there was also building their wedding registry and that all employees were there to help with any questions. They also had product-specific experts there from Kitchen Aid, Le Creuset, etc.

To get started, you just had to download their registry app and start browsing the store for what you wanted! In the package they give you in the beginning, there was a whole checklist of things couples might want to register for. There was also another helpful sheet in there that told you how many things to register for based on the amount of guests you were inviting.

For the next two hours, we scoured the store selecting everything we wanted on our list. Anything we’d find we would just scan with my phone, select the quantity we wanted and DONE, it was on the list. It was seriously beyond simple.

At the end of the event, they had a raffle for two different gifts. Sadly we won neither but no fear, everyone left with a gift! Everyone who attend got to receive a set of stemless wine glasses in a beautiful linen drawstring bag that had “congrats!” embroidered.

Since then, Peter and I have continued to update our registry through the app. This is probably my favorite part of having a Crate and Barrel Registry. If things on our list were sold out, we were able to see that on the app and replace it with something else. Or if we thought of something we forgot to include we could easily find it on the app and add it. We could also return to the store and scan more things if we wished!

We are also registered other places but majority of our gifts we have on our Crate and Barrel registry. Two other great benefits to their registry are: The Thank You Manager and the Registry Completion Program. Their Thank You Manager allows you to track who bought what for your wedding and if you received the gift yet or sent them a thank you note. This will definitely come in handy and keep me organized in the future! Their Registry Completion Program is also something I love! After your wedding, whatever items you might have left on your registry you are able to get 15% off on!

I cannot say enough great things about Crate and Barrel and their registry experience. If you are getting married or know someone getting married, I highly highly recommend Crate and Barrel! Where are you registered?! Let me know in the comments.

xoxo Colleen

To find a registry event in your area or to learn more, visit here.

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