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One Month til Wedding!

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

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I know I say it ALL of the time, but I can’t believe it’s almost our wedding day! The entire thing still feels like a dream to me and I’m not sure when reality will actually kick in. My guess would be as soon as I walk down the aisle haha! But it truly is so surreal that 5 years ago I met Peter and we fell in love and that in just one month we’ll start the beginning of our lives together.

To say that wedding planning has been stressful would be an understatement. You’ve probably seen it all over my Instagram, I’ve been stressed. What I feel like no one warns you about is all of the tiny details that go into wedding planning. The big stuff is easy. When you get down to the nitty gritty of where the dessert table goes and how are guests going to flow from the ceremony to cocktail hour, it can just about drive you INSANE.

At this point I’m starting to just accept that whatever happens, happens. Most things are out of my hands at this point and all I can really do is keep positive! At the end of it all, Peter and I will still end up married and I’m sure it’ll be an incredible day no matter what happens!


The Damn Seating Chart. I knew from the get go that the seating arrangements were going to be hard and stressful but omg. Two weekends ago we were up until 1 am trying to figure it all out. We’ve been using Wedding Wire’s Seating Chart tool which honestly was a LIFESAVER, allowing you to set up the amount of tables and visually place guests at them. So while that was definitely helpful trying to figure out who sits at which table and who will get along with who was a little more difficult than I anticipated.


Excited. I can say we’re definitely moving more towards the excited than stressed feeling. Like I said whatever happens, happens at this point and at the end of everything we’re going to be married. While there have been nights like the 1 am Seating Chart Debacle, there have also been nights where we lay in bed talking about our future and our wedding with pure bliss.


Calling each other Husband and Wife. One thing we’ve both agreed on during our engagement is how funny it feel to call each other “Fiance”. It feels a bit stuck up and snooty if you ask me! But at the same time boyfriend/girlfriend felt so juvenile. I think we are both definitely ready to call each other our husband and wife!


It’s not bad to ask for help. One thing that I don’t think I anticipated was the etiquette and “rules” surrounding a wedding. There are certain things that aren’t written down anywhere about who you get gifts for, who gets invited to which events and how much time you have to devote to saying Hi to all of your guests. We’ve definitely relied on Peter’s parents a lot for this since Peter is one of five children and he’s the last one to get married!

Overall, we are pretty much smooth sailing from this point out! It’s crazy that just a year and a half ago this all felt so distant and now it feels like it’s tomorrow. I can’t wait for our wedding day and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

xoxo Colleen

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