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One Month at Bar Method

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

This week I have been consistently going to classes at Bar Method! You may have heard me mention it on my instagram or in this blog post. But today I want to share IT ALL with you! The ups, the downs, what it’s really like and if I’m going to continue classes.

One month ago I signed up for Bar Method Baltimore’s Bridal Bar Package (whew that’s a mouthful!). I have been working out consistently to get in shape for the wedding and honeymoon but wasn’t totally loving my workouts. I decided to switch it up. I had taken a barre class at Bar Method when they opened in April (you can read all about my experience here) and I had really liked it. When I heard about their Bridal Bar Package I thought it was worth the try. Their package included: 3 months unlimited, a bridal swag bag, private class for 15 friends and a freeze on your account when you go on your honeymoon! Let me say: I have not been disappointed.


When I joined Bar Method a month ago, I had a sliver of an idea about what I was getting into. I had enjoyed my first class I had taken there and thought everyone was so welcoming. What I didn’t realize was how welcoming the women of Bar Method Baltimore would be. Every instructor and employee makes it a point to know your name, ask you about your day and give you the motivation to keep coming back day after day. When I enter the studio in Locust Point, I don’t feel like I’m dragging my feet into a workout. I get excited to be there. To see my friends and to get a good sweat in.

In just one month, I’ve been able to find a place that helps me de-stress after a day at work, meet new women I wouldn’t normally and build my self-confidence. And that is something I definitely didn’t expect.


Thigh Work. Let me tell you, your thighs are gonna burn. For like days. In each Bar Method Class, they focus on each part of your body. There are, what they call, “3 sets of Thigh”. These are back-to-back workouts isolating just your thigh muscles and MAN oh MAN does it burn. I vow one day to be able to get through a class without having to pause during thigh work and shake out my legs. But on the upside, I am definitely feeling a lot stronger in my legs!!


What you can’t see from Instagram or Facebook or their website is how much of a positive atmosphere Bar Method is. As I mentioned earlier, everyone knows your name and gives you the motivation to keep working hard. This is reflected from the moment you step into the studio until the moment you leave.

Every class I take I always feel supported and motivated to keep pushing myself. Not only from the instructors but from the other girls taking class as well! It is such a positive atmosphere that lifts my mood and gives me the courage to push myself more and more each class.

THE STUDIO Okay so I can’t talk about Bar Method without mentioning how “Insta-Worthy” their studio is! You’ve probably seen me post on my instagram and on my instagram stories their studio, but honestly it doesn’t do it justice!

It’s so bright and white in the reception space, the locker room and the studios that even on the cloudiest day, you can’t help but smile. From the exposed brick wall to the cozy couch corner, it’s all so adorable.

The locker rooms are also AMAZING because they have showers if I want to take a quick class before work but don’t want to stink up the office (lol) and they have all the necessities you might need (dry shampoo, spray deodorant, mints!!). It’s like they thought of everything you might possibly need.


To say I’ve noticed a difference in my body would be an understatement. Not only have I lost weight and gained muscle, my posture has improved and I feel stronger. I used to hate working out my leg muscles, but now since I’m somewhat forced into it I can feel my legs getting stronger! My core has also gotten stronger as well. Majority of the moves you complete in Bar Method engage your core, keeping your whole body involved.

One important aspect of Bar Method as well is that the instructors are constantly roaming around checking your form and your posture. This keeps you from injuring yourself and getting the most out of your workout! From this, I have definitely seen my posture improve not only in class but in my day to day as well.

Overall, I can’t express how much of a difference the Bar Method has made in my life. From my mood to my body to my posture. I feel myself wanting to make healthier choices in my life and to step outside of my comfort zone.

I honestly can’t believe how much of a difference just one month has made and I’m excited to see what the next two have in store for me!!

xoxo Colleen

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