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Something that I’ve talked about before is how hard it is moving to a new city or state. Whether that’s trying to make friends, navigating a whole new public transit system or just getting used to the social norms of a different place! It’s tough. So when Peter and I settled down together in Baltimore we decided to fully embrace the Maryland Culture. Crabs, the Maryland Flag and of course, OLD BAY!

During the week, Peter and I are so busy. Between work, events and just being exhausted, it can be hard to find time to spend together. Our weekends are made for spending quality time together and in the summer that means chilling poolside, grilling out! Cooking is something we’ve always enjoyed doing together. Trying out new recipes and taste testing along the way. Peter is truly the grill master in the relationship so I leave that to him.

One of our new favorite meals lately is this simple kabob recipe. It consists of potatoes, corn and chicken all smothered in OLD BAY and thrown on the grill! It’s literally so simple and so good!

Neither Peter and I realized til recently that putting OLD BAY on corn was a thing (#NonMarylandProblems) so we were a little hesitant to try this. But oh. my. god. was this good! This has been the perfect summer recipe and is best enjoyed outdoors!

I’ve left the recipe down below so you can try it out for yourself! Let me know what your favorite OLD BAY recipe is on my latest Instagram post by using #OLDBAYOurWay

Don’t forget! This summer, OLD BAY wants you to help show how Baltimore and D.C. are doing #OLDBAYOurWay. #OLDBAYOurWay is a summer-long local contest for loyal fans in Baltimore and D.C. area to show how you’re celebrating summer together with OLD BAY. Post your favorite moments of summer with OLD BAY, using the hashtag (#OLDBAYOurWay), for a chance to win a season’s supply of OLDBAY seasoning and swag!

Good Luck!

xoxo Colleen

OLD BAY Kabobs


Red Potatoes

Chicken Breasts


Bamboo skewers


Start by cutting the chicken breast into medium sized cubes. Then take the corn, and cut down into 2 inch pieces. Take the potatoes, corn and corn and begin to put onto the skewers. Once all pieces are on the skewers, cover all pieces with butter. Then apply heavy amounts of OLD BAY. Place skewers on to the grill, continually turning until all pieces are cooked. You can also apply more OLD BAY seasoning during grilling. Then, enjoy!

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