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My February Favorites

Today I'm sharing some of the things I've been loving in the last month! They range from beauty products to TV Shows any everywhere in between. Let's dive in to my February favorites!

1. Coconut Oil

Ok so I know I’m totally late to this trend, but recently I discovered the difference coconut oil makes on my skin. I use it in one of two ways. Mostly, right when I get out of the shower I apply a small bit of coconut oil all over my skin. It really helps to moisturize my skin especially during winter.

The second way I use coconut oil is by creating a sugar scrub. It’s seriously SO SIMPLE and it makes your skin super super smooth! All you have to do is mix 1 part coconut oil with 3 parts white sugar. I usually just use tablespoons (1 Tbsp coconut oil to 3 Tbsp sugar). Then you just mix it all together until the coconut oil is well blended. I put it just in an old mason jar I have laying around and keep it in my shower. I probably use it about 2-3 times a week. But then after I shower I will just use regular lotion instead of coconut oil again.

2. Don't Sass Me Soy Candles

I recently discovered Don’t Sass Me Soy Candles when I met her at a local artisan event at J.Crew. She was selling her homemade candles in J.Crew in honor of Valentine’s Day and Omg they smell seriously SO GOOD. They are not your usual scents (a lot of spicy ones!) and she gives them the best names! I personally picked up #BeachBabe but was super tempted to get #BasicB*tch as well. She is local to Baltimore and literally makes these in her living room. You can shop all of her candles on her Etsy shop.

3. J.Crew Toothpick High Rise Denim

Okay so I never thought I’d fall in love with a pair of jeans like I have with these. I have worn them so much that Peter has started to make fun of me. But they are just the perfect fit, perfect length and perfect wash! They are a bit high waisted so they look great with cropped sweaters and tops but also don’t look weird with longer tops. They are a bit of an investment but totally worth it!

4. The Office

So again, totally late to the game on this one but Peter and I recently started watching The Office from the beginning on Netflix and we are so obsessed! It did start out a little slow so we weren’t immediately hooked. But probably halfway through season 2, we all of sudden couldn’t stop watching! Any other Office fans out there?!

5. Go Dog Toys

This favorite is totally random but I can’t stop telling every dog owner I know! Nardo (our french bulldog) is a toy chewer. He tears up any and every toy we’ve ever given him. We had been sticking to rubber toys and Nylabones since anything plush would be destroyed in two seconds, until we were introduced to Go Dog. Peter’s mom got us a couple of these for Christmas this year and they are incredible! It’s a regular plush dog toy but under the top layer, there is a layer of mesh that keeps any dog from instantly tearing them apart and he LOVES them! You can find them at any Home Goods or TJ Maxx for pretty cheap. But you can also get them here.

6. Mario Badescu

My last favorite is more of an entire company than one product and that’s the Mario Badescu skincare. I received a kit from their line for Christmas and it has made the biggest difference in my skin! The products I’ve been using specifically are the drying lotion, drying cream, rose water spray and buffering lotion. At such an affordable price, it’s crazy how well they work! I am so obsessed and can’t wait to buy more of their products.

Let me know if any of these are your favorites too or if you try them out! I'll be sharing my favorites again next month for March.

xoxo Colleen

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