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I've always been a crafty, DIY type of gal for as long as I can remember. If I had a dollar for every time I said, "Oh I could do that". Ultimately, that has led me to refurbishing and redoing a lot of our own furniture!

It started in college, after my grandfather passed away I inherited two wood end tables from his living room. At the time I wasn't really into dark woods, so I decided to sand them down, paint them white and slap some new knobs on them. That was the beginning of my refurbishing habit. Since then we've redone quite a few things, tables mostly!

We've been in need of a new dresser and bed and nightstand and a whole new bedroom for awhile now. We had been using a collective of Peter and I's college furniture and it was quite literally falling apart. But we hadn't found anything we were in love with so we kept putting it off. That is until my friend, Anastasia announced she was moving from Baltimore to Seattle and had tons to get rid of. As you may have guessed a few of those things were a nightstand and dresser. They were beautiful, solid wood and pink! Instantly my mind went into refurb mode. I took to Pinterest and made a plan.

The Originals

I envisioned these beautiful light gray pieces with rose gold pulls on them. It would be easy. Just strip the paint off, sand it down, repaint it, add new hardware and voila! Needless to say it was not that easy and was definitely hard work but doable! If you're interesting in doing the same, I'm listing out all of our steps and specific items we used below. Overall I'm obsessed with how they came out! It even forced us to finally get a new bed to tie the whole room together.

Step One: Sand

We spent six hours on one Saturday hand sanding both the nightstand and dresser. Originally with the intention to get off all of the paint and then resorting to getting just enough off that the new paint will stick. If we had realized a power sander was only $20-30, we would have done that! Learn from us haha. Below is what they looked like after Day One. We also had originally bought some spray paint primer for both the nightstand and dresser. Turns out one can could only cover the nightstand so we just primed that one. Ultimately, you can't tell the difference in the two. Save yourself the step and don't prime.

We also took out all of the old hardware and spackled the holes since we knew we'd be adding new hardware that would attach in different spots. Here's the spackle we used.

Step Two: Paint!

Now for the exciting part. First we wiped down all surfaces to make sure there wasn't any sawdust still hanging around then took to painting. Peter used a paint roller to cover the larger surfaces while I used a combination of a foam brush and regular paint brush for smaller surfaces and details. We ultimately put on three coats of paint to really make sure it was covered. We waited a few hours in between coats to make sure they were dry. We used paint color Gravity from Valspar and we got a Semi-Gloss Interior Paint.

Step Three: Hardware

I had this vision in my head of beautiful rose gold or copper drawer pulls on this light colored dresser. Needless to say I was disappointed when I went on Home Depot's website to see that they were $10/piece! Luckily Amazon exists and we were able to find exactly what we wanted for a bit cheaper. Peter then drilled the holes and attached all the new hardware, gorgeous!

I'm so obsessed with how our bedroom looks now and I hope this inspires you to refurbish some furniture for yourself! If you do, be sure to share it with me.

xoxo Colleen

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