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J.Crew Styling Hacks!

You ever have an idea of a cute outfit in your head, but when you put it on it just doesn't look right? I'm sure you've been there and so have I. But I'm about to let you in on a little secret (or more) on why that outfit didn't work. It's all about how you STYLE your outfit! It can take a drab outfit to a whole new level in less than a minute.

When I first worked at J.Crew, I thought I had a pretty good sense of style. I could put together cute outfit and knew how to mix and match. But I didn't believe how much I didn't know and what I would come to learn in the following years. I picked up on so many styling tips and tricks that honestly I don't know how I lived without them.

1. The Half Tuck

The Half Tuck is the most important styling trick I have EVER learned in my life. When I was first taught it, I thought it was stupid. The whole concept is that you just take the front part of your shirt and tuck it into your pants, leaving the rest to hang outside. But once I started to use it, I saw how much it could change an outfit. The Half Tuck automatically cinches your waist in and gives any outfit structure. It's definitely crucial for oversized shirts and sweaters. See some examples below.

2. Cuff your Jeans

Another great tip is to ALWAYS cuff your jeans. It may seem silly and it doesn't matter how big or little the cuff is, it instantly adds some texture to your outfit. Just this little touch can elevate your whole look.

3. Cuff your sleeves too!

Just like your jeans, cuffing your sleeves helps to add to your outfit. This works even better if you're wearing a jacket or cardigan, with another shirt underneath. Showing your layer beneath gives your outfit texture that it was probably lacking before.

4. Third Piece.

Last but certainly not least is the third piece rule. You may have heard it before (or maybe not!), it is the idea that every outfit needs a "third piece". This third piece can be a number of things: a jacket, cardigan, scarf, necklace or anything of the sort. Adding on a third piece gives your outfit layers and makes you seem extremely stylish with minimal effort. It is the one rule that I always always follow. Obviously there are exceptions but majority of the time I feel lost without my third piece! See my examples below.

Let me know in the comments if you use any of these styling tips and tag me on Instagram if you try them out! Follow me along on there as well for more styling inspiration (@colleeeeenwhite)

xoxo Colleen

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