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How to Stay Warm While Still Looking Cute

I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of the cold. Being anemic causes me to always, always be cold no matter how bundled up I am or how high the heat is set to. Since graduating college, I've had to learn how to look cute at the office (or just on the weekends) while still keeping warm! If I'm cold, I'm absolutely miserable (you can ask Peter lol)! Below are a few of my winter staple outfits that are both cute and warm! I've linked each item (or something similiar) under each pic!


Coat (simlar) | Vest (similar) | Denim | Sneakers| Scarf | Hat

One of my favorite weekend outfits! Love just running around in sneaks, a good pair of denim jeans and some outerwear layers! I love wearing my vest under my puffer coat because then I know I'll be toasty warm if I'm outside and then still have another layer inside too! Pro tip: These sneakers are actually kids! I tried finding these EVERYWHERE in my size but they were all sold out. Stopped by Kids Footlocker and apparently I'm a 5 in kids sized shoes! I was able to get the shoes I wanted and get them for even less! Win-win.


Coat (Similar) | Sweater (Similar) | Blanket Scarf (Similar) | Denim | Booties

Honestly I can't say enough about blanket scarves. They are my number one staple during winter! I wrap them up around my neck when going outside to keep my face warm and then I can unfold them and wrap it around my shoulders inside. If you can't tell, I'm also all about these long coats! They seriously can make such a difference in the harsh winter.


Coat (Same Style in White) | Sweater | Denim | Booties (Similar)

This outfit has been my FAVORITE this winter! Any time you wear all black, you automatically look more together! Add in a statement coat and *bam* instant chic. I've been loving statement coats this season in jewel tones, I think they are so pretty! This one is especially warm too. My sweater is also a closet staple! It comes in a bunch of different colors and is thin enough to layer but still warmer than a t-shirt.

Hopefully these outfits can help inspire you and keep you warm these next couple weeks of winter!

xoxo Colleen

All photo credits: The Dying Light

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