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How I Manage 3 Jobs, A Blog and Wedding Planning

A lot of times people ask me, “Colleen how do you manage your life?” Between working full time in marketing, working part time as a J.Crew stylist, helping my fiance (Peter) run his creative agency (Nardo Agency), planning a wedding, and now writing a blog; I’m not even sure how I do it! But the truth is: it’s not that difficult. Most nights I’m still asleep on the couch by 9:30 (Grandma life!) and a lot of weekends I still get to spend snuggled up with Nardo and Peter or traveling. So what’s my secret? Time. Management.

I think internally, I have a need to be constantly busy. In high school and even college, I was involved in a bunch of different activities/clubs, worked part time jobs and went to school. My senior year of college I would leave my house at 7 in the morning and wouldn’t get home most nights until 10 pm. I was working part time at a law firm, interning with an ad agency, executive board member of my sorority and a full time student. It was seriously exhausting but I swear I got a high off my jam packed schedule.

Post college, I didn’t know what to do with my free time. I went to work at my 9-5 job and then came home. Obviously I could go out, pick up a hobby, go to the gym or whatever but for some reason I wasn’t feeling satisfied. So of course, I made my life busy! So to see how I manage my time, check out my tips below!

Keep an updated calendar

If I didn’t put things in my calendar app, I would probably never show up on time or know where I was supposed to be. My calendar is key to basically my entire life. I put in any event I have going on, any deadlines for tasks I’m working on and it truly helps me to visualize my life.

Prioritize Your Life

One of the biggest things that has always helped me in my busy life is prioritizing my life. I’ve gotten so good at it now that it’s basically second nature. But for newbies: I take a look at what I have going on in my life. For example if I have a blog post that needs to be written, wedding research I have to do and a project Peter needs help with, I decide what is most important and work my way down. This helps me to really decide “Ok what has to be done this second and what can wait until later?” That way if I need to finish a project now and my wedding research can be completed tomorrow, I can still squeeze in a netflix show.

Lists on Lists on Lists

In the notes app on my phone I always have a running “To Do” list that can literally have anything that I need to do. I’m one of the most forgetful people and if I don’t write something down, chances are I’ll forget. With the new iphone notes app, you can even format it so you can easily check things off your list. On my “To Do” list I will list everything I need to do from wash dishes to logo design. The only things I won’t list on there are my full time job tasks, those I have on a seperate “To Do” list at work!

Give Yourself a Break

This is my most important tip of all! Sometimes I can get myself into a phase where all I want to do is work. I have myself so focused on my goals that I don’t stop to check in with myself. So every now and then I need to take a break. I take a nice bath with a fun new bath bomb, I watch a movie I’ve been wanting to see on netflix or some times I take a whole Sunday off to just be a couch potato!

I hope these tips help you manage your time better. Let me know if you test them out!

xoxo Colleen

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