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Half Marathon Series: As if I wasn't busy enough

If you read my blog post about How I manage 3 jobs, a blog and wedding planning; then you know I am a busy lady. I am constantly moving from very early in the morning to pretty late at night. One thing I didn’t talk about in that blog post was my health. Most days I try to get up at 5am and hit the gym with Peter. I’m not perfect. There are weeks (like this one) that I’m just too exhausted and I sleep in till 6:30. But with my bachelorette party and summer and our WEDDING, we’ve definitely been trying to hit the gym harder. At this point, we have just been doing weight lifting and some light cardio. I’ve found that weight lifting is the best for me because I don’t get bored too easily and I find it the most fun! But recently I made the (crazy) decision to train for the Baltimore Half Marathon. Like I wasn’t busy enough.

First let me start with, I hate running. Or I did hate running majority of my life. I never understood why anyone would want to participate in it. Which is funny because growing up my Dad was an AVID runner. I fondly remember hopping into our jogging stroller when I was little and my Dad running me all overtown. My mom is also a runner and insists that it “keeps me sane”.

So one day I was browsing Buzzfeed as I do and I came across this article, all about the runDisney Princess Half Marathon. As a self-proclaimed Disney fanatic, I was ashamed that I had never heard about runDisney. My guilt only became worse when I realized there were MULTIPLE races throughout the year that Disney World organized. My instant intrigue was that you get to run through Cinderella’s castle, I mean hello that’s awesome!

I instantly texted my mom and sister to see if they would want to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon next February 2019. Registration begins in May 2018 and spaces sell out QUICK. My sister, a college student, said she had no idea what her schedule would be like so it was no. My mom on the other hand said, “That’s 13 miles, I’m not sure”.

I brought up the idea to Peter and his immediate response, “Colleen you’ve never even run a 5k. We can’t spend crazy Disney money for a race you might not even be able to run”. So we came to a compromise, I could run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2020 if I ran the Baltimore Half Marathon this fall.

Well then the compromise grew. I became more fascinated with the idea of running. If I ran a half marathon in 2018, by 2020 I could probably run a full marathon. Of course it just so happens that every January Disney World hosts a Marathon weekend. Complete will a full and half marathon, 10k, 5k and so on. Peter and I then formed a bet. If I could complete the Disney FULL marathon in an average marathon time (4hr 30m), then he would pay me X amount of money and if I couldn’t I would pay him.

That was about 4 weeks ago, meaning I’m officially 4 weeks into my half marathon training. Let me tell you, it’s not easy. To go from hating running, to running 3 times a week, it hasn’t been too fun. I’ve also learned I’m pretty out of shape. At the current moment, I am completing 2 short runs during the week and one long run on Saturday. I formed my training schedule by looking at example schedules online and determining what would work best for me. Since it’s been pretty cold outside up until now, running outside has been rough and I’ve been completing a lot of my runs on the treadmill. Anyone that says running on a treadmill and running outside are the same is the biggest liar. They are extremely different and running outside provides many more challenges.

So far I haven’t invested much into this goal except for my time. Just this week I purchased a pair of ACTUAL running shoes and socks. Verdicts out on whether they’ll make a difference or not. I’ll keep you posted.

But I’m pushing through. I’ve now set two major goals for myself and it’s not even about the bet anymore. I want to see if I’m physically able to run a marathon or a half marathon or both. It’s definitely been tough but sometimes I do find myself enjoying it. If I have a rough day at work and have some bent out frustration, running can help me stomp out that anger and calm my mind.

T-minus 28 weeks until the Baltimore Half Marathon. Let’s do this.

xoxo Colleen

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