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Five Facts About Me

Updated: Feb 13, 2018

Hi there! My name is Colleen and I’d love to welcome you to Collectively Colleen, a lifestyle blog. This is my very first post and I figured what better topic than five facts about me! I hope you enjoy learning more about the woman behind the blog and continue to follow along with me.

On this blog, I will be sharing pretty much all of my life. I’ll show you my favorites (my not-so-favorites), my routines, travels I take and things I have learned in my 23 (almost 24) years of living. So without further ado: Collectively Colleen Blog Post #1.

  1. I’m a frenchie fanatic. Anything I see with a french bulldog on it I have to have it. The collection might be getting out of hand (socks, pj pants, salt and pepper shakers…) So when we adopted our frenchie, Leonardo, I just about cried.

  2. I run 4 social media accounts. My own, my company’s, my fiance’s company and of course my frenchie’s. Shameless plug here to follow them all: @CollectivelyColleen, @DavidEdwardFurniture, @NardoAgency and @LeonardotheFrenchie. Social Media is never something I thought I would end up doing as part of my career but honestly I love it!

  3. I’m a morning person. I know it sounds like so awful and you probably think I’m not human, but let me explain! I don’t wake up chipper and bubbly every morning ready to take on the day, I struggle. BUT once I’m up I love getting things accomplished and getting moving early.

  4. I originally wanted to be a wedding photographer. My freshman year of college I was a photography major in art school and desperately wanted to become a wedding photographer! That summer I interned with a wedding photography studio and learned that working late nights and every single day of the week was definitely not what I wanted to do! I still am obsessed with weddings and photography but more as a hobby than a career.

  5. I have wanted to start a blog for numerous years. So this is it, my first blog post. I have been dreaming and wishing and brainstorming how I would start a blog for probably close to four years now. But I could never do it. I always thought it was never the right time, I needed it to be perfect. But the truth is, there’s never a right time for anything and it doesn’t have to be perfect. So as one of my 2018 resolutions, I am officially kicking off Collectively Colleen and hope you keep following along!

xoxo Colleen

About Me

Hi there! My name is Colleen and I’m the author and creator of Collectively Colleen.This blog is a place where I’ll be sharing everything about my life! From favorites to career tips, outfits I’m loving and places to travel, I’m going to be sharing it all here!


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