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Fitness Goals & Current Routine

Fitness is something that I haven’t always had to think about. Throughout middle school and high school, I was a competitive cheerleader. I practiced multiple times a week, competed on the weekends and there was never really an “off-season”. In college, while I didn’t have a fitness routine, I would definitely hit up the gym every now and then or do some workouts at home when I had time. I was also constantly on the move which probably helped.

Fast-forward to now and things are a lot different. I’ve developed a fitness routine that I try to stick to and I have fitness goals that I’m trying to reach. But most days it can be difficult. Between working full-time, running a blog and spending time with Peter, it can be hard to fit in a good work out. For me, in order to make time, I have get up at 5 am to hit the gym first thing. As you can imagine, getting up at 5 am every day is not the easiest. Whether I’m up late the night before or I just didn’t sleep well, I tend to miss that alarm most mornings (lately).

But I’m getting back on track, trying to consistently hit the gym and followmy training schedule for my half marathon (you can read all about that here). With my bachelorette party coming up (1 more month!!) and our wedding soon, I’m definitely feeling the pressure to get back in shape. Not even just for looks, but so that I feel my absolute best too!

Below I’m sharing what my current fitness routine looks like and some of my current fitness favorites!


Monday- Arms

Tuesday- Short Run + Glutes

Wednesday- Abs

Thursday- Short Run + Upper Body (Chest, Back, Shoulders)

Friday- Legs

Saturday- Long Run

Sunday- REST DAY

On these different days, I weight train that specific muscle. The different movements I find through Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube! Some of my favorite people to follow for inspiration are: @FitWithASD and @WhitneyySimmons. Both of them post their workouts on Instagram with a full description and video! It also helps to keep my routines fresh so I’m not doing the same thing every week.

I also like to sometimes add in a fitness class at some point throughout my week. I’ve been loving barre lately (check out my post about Baltimore’s new Bar Method). My new bucket list item is to FINALLY try out yoga!


Supplements: Iron; Vitamin D; Hair, Skin, Nails

I have an iron deficiency so it’s definitely important for me to take an Iron Supplement every day so that I’m alert and awake. I take Vitamin D for similar reasons but it’s also great to take during the winter to help beat the winter blues! I just recently started taking this Hair, Skin, Nails supplement. I’ll keep you updated on how that goes.

Shoes: Saucony; Nike

I just got these Saucony sneakers for running which I talked about in my Half Marathon Training Blog Post, and so far they’ve been great! I didn’t have any trouble breaking them in and they fit like a dream. For weight training though, I will wear my Nikes. They just are built more for weight training than cardio and I love how they feel.

Fitness is definitely a journey that differs from person to person which can make it more challenging. But with summer months approaching and our wedding (eek!) I’m hoping I’ll have more motivation to stay on track. Tell me what your favorite workouts or fitness favorites are below or on my most recent Instagram post!

xoxo Colleen

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