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Beating the Winter Blues

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

I don’t know about you but this time of year can be really tough for me. It’s dark when I wake up and leave for work, it’s dark when I come home from work. It can feel like I never see the light of day. Which is why it’s completely understandable that a lot of people during this time of year, myself including, catch a case of the “Winter Blues”. It’s a general down-feeling or a funk that many fall into during the winter months. It can be disheartening and feel never-ending.

After suffering many seasons with the blues, I have discovered my “fool proof” ways to get through the tough cold winters. Even when you think they’ll never end.


Ok this first one may sound funny but I promise it’s beyond helpful! I discovered this one just last year. I was feeling down and groggy for a few weeks. Falling asleep at my desk, unable to focus on my day-to-day tasks. I started going through possible solutions. After some trial and error, I realized I had fallen off of taking my Iron supplements (I’m anemic) which was causing my fatigue. My co-worker at the time had also mentioned feeling similar and that her doctor suggested taking Vitamin D. I picked myself up some Iron supplements and Vitamin D and within a week I could already notice a difference. I felt more alert and awake, no more eyes wide open desk naps for me.

Now I’m not saying everyone needs Iron supplements or Vitamin D. But evaluate if you have vitamin deficiencies or if you’ve fallen off of a normal routine that you keep. Sometimes something so simple can make a big difference.

Work out

This one is pretty obvious but I have to mention it.

“Exercise gives you endorphins.Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't.” (Name that movie!)

It’s just the truth! Exercise releases endorphins, making you happy and giving you more energy. I can’t say I’m the poster child for hitting the gym this winter. Crawling out of my warm bed at 5 am to hit the gym on the weekdays isn’t exactly easy. But do what you can. If you make it every day, that’s great! If you can just make it there on the weekends, that’s great too! Even if you don’t go to the gym but just move your body in some way. There’s never been a workout that I’ve regretted. It will be sure to help boost your mood even if it’s the last thing you want to do.

More Water, Less Caffeine

This one is tough for me but again, small changes can make a big difference. I’m a typical 3-4 cups of coffee kind of gal. Which unfortunately means that some days I’ll be 3 cups deep and it’ll be 2 o’clock in the afternoon and I’ll realizing I’ve had zero water and I’m a biiiit jittery. Too much caffeine is definitely not ideal when your mindset isn’t at it’s best. I try to make it a habit to drink more water during the winter months not only to offset my heavy caffeine intake but to hydrate my skin as well! Lord knows the winter wind does some damage to my skin and hydrating it with moisturizer and water really helps.

The best way I know to up my water intake is by making myself drink a large glass of water before I start my coffee IV for the day. That way I don’t even think about it and I don’t feel so guilty when it’s late afternoon and I’m still downing that fourth cup.

Get Outside

Get some real Vitamin D! Socialize with the real world! It can be so easy to slip into a routine of home, work, home. Or to just stay holed up inside on the weekends for fear of the cold. But push yourself to get out there, meet new people or just catch up with a friend. Socializing fuels the soul and can truly help put you in a better mood. Find a fun local event happening on a Wednesday night, grab a cup of coffee with that friend you’ve been meaning to for months now.

Reach Out

When all else fails, reach out to a close friend or family member. Let them know that you’re struggling. I’ve always said this and I’ll say it again, things are much easier to deal with when you’re not alone. If you’re having a tough time this winter, reach out to a friend and let them know. Then it becomes your problem collectively, not one that you’re dealing with alone.

That being said, I might just be another blogger on the internet but I’m always happy to grab coffee or chat with anyone that might be struggling this winter. My DM’s are always open!



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