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A Guide to Getting Drunk When Gluten Free

I have been allergic to gluten for almost 5 years now. It was a long road to that discovery and a story for an entirely different day! But when I first became gluten free, my main concern was obviously food. What was I going to eat? What could I no longer have? What even was gluten?! At that time the “gluten free fad” wasn’t as big so it was truly an adventure trying to navigate through what I could and couldn’t eat.

The next obstacle I had was, what could I drink?! The first big “no” was beer. No way, no how. Just like food, it was confusing at that time what things were and weren’t gluten free. Everything wasn’t labeled and advertised like it is now. I spent hours doing research and was still stumped.

“Well some vodka is gluten free, but not 100%, so drink at your own risk. And there is gluten free beer on the market, but hard to find. Your only safe bet is wine.” Which is probably how my love affair with vino began.

I kept on living my life. Experimenting with what types of alcohol were and were not gluten free. Making some slip ups here and there, waking up the next morning feeling dead.

A couple years later, hard cider became popular and I fell IN LOVE. I have since become somewhat of a “cider connoisseur” and would probably choose cider over any other drink. (Don’t worry I’m still a MAJOR wine lover). So today I’m sharing my top favorite ciders!

  1. CiderBoys Peach County This is HANDS DOWN my all time favorite cider. CiderBoys in general is a great cider company. They have all different fun flavors: mimosa, raspberry, cinnamon apple, strawberry, etc. But my favorite is Peach. It has the same great taste of a hard cider but with the added hint of peach. Sweet, but still has some bitterness to it. Perfect summer drink. They aren’t distributed in Maryland so I have a hard time getting my hands on it. It’s incredibly easy to get in Cleveland (where Peter’s family is), so we usually grab some when we’re up there!

  2. Angry Orchard Rosé Let me start with saying, I do not like Angry Orchard Cider. I first started to drink it when hard cider became popular and there weren’t many brands around. Or at least that I knew about. I have tried all of their different flavors and still don’t particularly enjoy it. But if it’s my only option, I’ll drink it. It just is too sweet for me and doesn’t have any kickback. But recently I saw their new Rose cider and I had to try it. It is sooo good! As stated, I’m a wine lover along with cider. This is a great combination of both of these. It’s honestly hard to describe but I’ve been recommending it to everyone! I’ve seen now too that other companies have come out with their own rose flavor but I’ve yet to try any other than Angry Orchard’s.

  3. Strongbow Cider Gold Apple Strongbow has a great just “regular” hard cider. It’s tart with a nice apple flavor to it. It’s definitely not too sweet and I think a great cider for those who might be hesitate to try hard cider out. I’ll grab this guy if I want something smooth that will go great with a burger.

  4. Scrumpy Local to Maryland, this Cider is a recent favorite of mine that I found at a local butchery, Parts and Labor. It’s strong and bold and not too sweet. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else so far but I also haven’t really looked! But if you can find it, it’s awesome!

  5. Wyndridge Cranberry I tried this cider probably about a year before rose cider became a thing and I would have to say, it’s oddly similar. It has the same pink-ish hue and is pretty sweet. But this does have more of the apple cider taste with a hint of cranberry. It’s fruity and delicious. Wyndridge also has a lot of great ciders that are worth checking out.

  6. Woodchuck Green Apple Woodchuck ciders in general are really great. They are also on the cheaper side which doesn’t hurt. I enjoy their original cider more than most ciders but their green apple flavor is top-notch. It still has the same great apple taste but is extremely tart, like a green apple. I love the flavor and fullness of it.

I hope you enjoyed my list of favorite ciders! Let me know if you try any out or if your favorites didn’t make my list!

xoxo Colleen

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